• "It has been a pleasure to work with Leisure Charters from the beginning to the end. In addition to the professionalism preparation of the event/ answer to our questions I really enjoyed the fact that you guys shared with us the same enthusiasm about making the client happy. We appreciated Leisure Charters help too in serving, cleaning and dispatching in rush time when we were busy with the food. It will be with pleasure in the future to recommend your services and your boats. " - ~Christophe Ferreira~ Director, SURVIVAL CHIC PTE. LTD.
  • "We enjoy our charter tremendously. The attentiveness of the skipper and crew were beyond our expectations." - ~Dino~
  • "The crews are so friendly, thumb up for your service." - ~Cathrine~


Rates Of Annette


Weekday (Mon - Thurs)

Public Holiday
Fri/ Sat/ Sun/
Eve of Public
Extension if Available Time Max
Morning Charter S$1500 / 5 hrs S$1700 / 5 hrs  S$1700 / 5 hrs S$200 per hr Any 5hrs from 9am to 4pm 18 pax
Afternoon Charter S$1800 / 8 hrs S$2200 / 8 hrs  S$2200 / 8 hrs

S$200 per hr

8am to 4pm 18 pax
Evening Charter S$1500 / 5 hrs S$1700 / 5 hrs S$1700 / 5 hrs   5pm to 10pm 18 pax
Full Day Charter S$2200 / 12 hrs S$2600 / 12 hrs      9am to 9pm 18 pax
Overnight Charter  S$2600 / 24 hrs  S$3000 / 24 hrs      9am to 9am, next day  8 pax 
Extended Charter  S$2000 / Night        9am  8 pax 
Caterer Your Choice             
Drinks Beer S$7  Soft Drink S$2  Wine S$68  Pay as you drink     
  per can  per can  per can       

 *The prices above exclude GST and are subject to change without prior notice.


Rates Of X-Cat

  Weekday (Mon - Thurs) Weekday/
Public Holiday
Fir/ Sat/ Sun/
Eve of Public
Ekstension if Available Time Max
Morning Charter S$3300/ 5 hrs S$3900/ 5 hrs  S$3900/ 5 hrs S$500 per hr (weekday)
S$600 per hr (weekend)
Any 5hrs from 9am to 4pm 35 pax
Afternoon Charter  S$4900 / 8 hrs  S$5900 / 8 hrs   S$5900 / 8 hrs 

S$500 per hr (weekday)

S$600 per hr (weekend) 

8am to 4pm  35 pax
Evening Charter  S$3300 / 5 hrs  S$3900 / 5 hrs  S$3900 / 5 hrs    5pm to 10pm  35 pax 
Full Day Charter  S$5800 / 12 hrs  S$7000 / 12 hrs   S$7000 / 12 hrs   9am to 9pm  35 pax 
 Dockside or at Mooring (Party)  S$2700 / 4 hrs S$3300 / 4 hrs  S$3300 / 4 hrs    Any 4 hrs  35 pax
Caterer Your Choice             
Drinks   Beer S$7  Soft Drink S$2   Wine S$68  Pay as you drink    
   per can per can   per can      

 *The prices above exclude GST and are subject to change without prior notice.

Shortly About Us

Leisure Yacht Charters offer a unique charter on a luxurious Ocean-Going Catamaran in the rustic ambiance of Changi, Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong and the Southern Islands of Singapore. If you have been wondering what to do for your next weekend adventure, corporate day, evening cruise or just an afternoon on the water, engage us and we will arrange a Luxurious Cruise for your family & friends on board one of our Catamarans.