• "The crews are so friendly, thumb up for your service." - ~Cathrine~
  • "I had liked to thank the crews who make the event a success. Appreciate it and thanks once again!! :D" - ~Rizal~
  • "Our staff never had such an enjoyable afternoon, sailing around Pulau Ubin & Tekong. The crews were just excellent." - ~Ong Keng Kiat~

Luxury Yacht For Charter


Annette is a 40-foot leopard catamaran with a dimension measurement of 12.12 by 5.45 by 1.18m. Annette was launched in Singapore waters to fuel her adventures into the Riau Archipelago. Annette will be charting her way around the Riau Province but has plans to explore the vast coastline of Sumatra in addition to the mystical island of legends - Langkawi or in our very own waters of Pulau Ubin/ Pulau Tekong and the Southern Islands of Sigapore. She can accommodate a maximum group size of 18pax on board with double cabins complete with bathrooms. She is ideal for 2 families or a group of friends.



Take a different approach to your luxury lifestyle with our fastest vessel! Our "X-Cat" is an ocean-going catamaran that measures just over 60 foot and can accommodate a maximum group size of 35 paxs on board. On board, there is plenty of room for lazing about in the sun and dining under the stars. This ocean-going yacht is one of its kind in Singapore and Asia. There is only 5 of such limited-edition yachts built in the world. Our "X-Cat" is made and designed for performance, comfort, safety and complete stability at sea. Charter her for your wedding, birthday parties or your corporate events and entertainment!!

Shortly About Us

Leisure Yacht Charters offer a unique charter on a luxurious Ocean-Going Catamaran in the rustic ambiance of Changi, Pulau Ubin, Pulau Tekong and the Southern Islands of Singapore. If you have been wondering what to do for your next weekend adventure, corporate day, evening cruise or just an afternoon on the water, engage us and we will arrange a Luxurious Cruise for your family & friends on board one of our Catamarans.